Benefits of Working At Merrick, Inc.


Merrick, Inc., is committed to providing excellent supports to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Board of Trustees and Management Team recognize the critical role employees have in delivering those exceptional supports.  Therefore, in order to recruit and retain qualified and dedicated full-time employees, Merrick, Inc., offers competitive wages and a comprehensive benefit package, all within a positive and fun work environment.




Merrick, Inc., strives to provide competitive wages. Starting wages may be adjusted based on educational background and/or paid work experience in the DD field. In addition, new full-time hires receive a $200.00 incentive once their initial employee-in-training period has been successfully completed. Merrick, Inc., is also committed to providing performance-based wage increases whenever possible.


Work Schedules


Employees are scheduled to work Monday through Friday and typically do not work late evenings, weekends, or holidays.  A majority of employees normally work from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Medical Insurance


Several different medical insurance plan designs are available for both employees and their eligible dependents. The company and the employee share in the medical insurance premium costs.


Dental Insurance


Dental insurance is available for both employees and their eligible dependents. The company pays all of the premium costs for employee only dental coverage while the employee is responsible for all of the premium costs for eligible dependent dental coverage.


Life Insurance


Life insurance is available for both employees and their eligible dependents. This plan also included an accidental death and dismemberment provision. The company pays all of the premiums costs for both employee and eligible dependent coverage.  A supplemental group term life insurance plan is also offered at the employee’s expense.


Long-Term Disability Insurance


The company pays all of the premium costs for employee only LTD coverage.


Flexible Spending Account


A Section 125 flexible benefit plan allows employees to have pre-tax dollars deducted from their paychecks for insurance premium payments, health care reimbursement, and/or dependent care reimbursement.


Retirement Plan


A 403(b) retirement plan allows employees to contribute directly into their retirement accounts through pre-tax payroll deductions. Participants also have the first $20.00 invested from each paycheck matched by the company.


Paid Time Off


A generous Paid Time Off package allows employees to be away from work due to vacations, illness, or other personal reasons. New employees earn 10.66 hours of PTO each month (16 days in a 12 month period). PTO accrual amounts increase by 40 hours every three years of service.  The maximum number of hours that can be earned is 20.66 hours (31 days in a 12 month period) for ten or more years of service.


Paid Holidays


Merrick, Inc., employees enjoy eight paid holidays per year.


Other Benefits


Merrick, Inc., actively seeks its’ employees’ feedback through an annual staff opinion survey. A formal employee recognition program is also offered.


Since Merrick, Inc., believes that initial and ongoing staff training is critical to providing quality client supports, a comprehensive training program is provided.


The company strives to provide internal promotional opportunities whenever possible.