Policy Update – October 2020

Published October 1, 2020

The 2020 legislative session revised statutes that affect our company’s policies and procedures. We will use these policies and procedures going forward. Please see the below explanations for what changed.

  1. Policy and Procedure on Admission: 2020 legislative requirements for intensive support services was added as well as clarified service initiation and 45/60-day meeting requirements throughout the document for both basic and intensive services.
  2. Policy and Procedure on Service Termination: terminology of who may be included on an individual’s support team was revised as well as terminology on “when the facility cannot meet the needs of the person…” under the possible service termination situations.
  3. Policy and Procedure on Responding to Incidents (intensive support services only): replaced the terminology of 626.556 with chapter 260E and added information on reporting death and serious injury to the Office of the Ombudsman via their online web form.
  4. Service Recipient Rights was changed to use more person centered language and the right to “Associate with Other Persons of my Choice in the Community” was added.
  5. Person Centered Planning Policy was updated to include language regarding developing and strengthening personal relationships with others of the persons’ choice in the community and the requirement to discuss options to move from day services to competitive employment and work competitively in the community.

The policies can be viewed in full using the links below.

Admission Policy and Procedures
Incident Response, Reporting and Review Policy
Person-Centered Planning Policy
Service Recipient (Client) Rights
Service Suspension Notification Policy
Service Termination Notification Policy