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Beginning November 7, 2011, transportation services for the majority of clients at both Merrick, Inc., and Phoenix Alternative Services, Inc., (PAI) are now provided by the newly formed non-profit agency, Newtrax, Inc. Led by John Felipe, the Newtrax team is dedicated to making the ride to and from work a safe, dependable, and enjoyable part of the day for clients. The mission of Newtrax is to increase the potential of each member organization to advance their charitable mission more effectively and with greater efficiency. Many of the Newtrax staff were formerly employed with Merrick and PAI and all have undergone a background check, motor vehicle registration screening, drug & alcohol testing, and training. Of the 35 daily routes, Merrick program staff drive 15 routes with Newtrax drivers covering the other 20 routes. All drivers are trained in defensive driving by a certified driving instructor, are certified in CPR and first aid, and are linked to a dispatcher via a “hands free” wireless service.

To learn more about why the change to Newtrax was implemented, visit:

A small number of clients choose to use the metro bus or a public carrier to get to and from home and work. For these individuals, Merrick’s transportation coordinator handles the scheduling and payment of external transportation services. To contact Merrick’s Transportation Coordinator Joel Melander, call 651-789-6210.

If you would like more information about transportation services, please contact Newtrax, Inc., at (651) 789-6221.


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