Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Day Support Services Program?
    From the MN Department of Human Services website
    Day Training and Habilitation (DT&H) are licensed supports to help adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD):
    • Develop and maintain life skills;
    • Participate in community life; and
    • Engage in proactive and satisfying activities of their own choosing.
    • DT&H programs are located in 81 counties in Minnesota in more than 200 locations by over 100 providers serving more than 15,000 citizens with I/DD.
  • Who is eligible for DT&H services?
    Eligibility for DT&H services is determined through a screening process. To be eligible for DT&H services a person must meet all of the following conditions:

    • Be 18 years of age or older and have a diagnosis of developmental/intellectual disability or a related condition;
    • Receive a screening for home and community-based services or reside in an Intermediate Care Facility for people with developmental disabilities (ICF/DD);
    • If under the age of 25, complete the WIOA Section 511 process with the Department of Employment and Economic Development;
    • Have their health and safety in the community addressed in their plan of care;
    • Make an informed choice to receive DT&H as part of their Individual Service Plan (ISP); and
    • For people who receive DT&H services under the Developmental Disability Waiver, they must have at least one residential service offered through the waiver.

    DHS is planning to redesign DT&H into something called “Day Services” by 1/1/21. Final language has not been provided and we suggest you read our Executive Director’s blog post, Smoke & Fire, found at this link:

  • Where do clients at Merrick live?
    Approximately 70% of the clients we serve live in group home settings, about 25% live with their parents or other family members, and 5% live on their own.
  • What services does Merrick offer?
    We offer clients meaningful work opportunities, therapeutic life enrichment activities, and self-advocacy experiences.
  • Do clients get paid for the work they do?
    The short answer is yes. More than 50 of the clients we serve are paid directly by the employer at, or above minimum wage. For those working as part of a crew or onsite, we operate under a commensurate wage certificate monitored and enforced by the Department of Labor. For more info on this topic, we suggest you read our Executive Director’s blog post, Client Wages, found at this link:
  • Do clients bring their own lunches?
    Yes, clients bring their lunches which are kept in refrigerators for those staying onsite. We provide microwaves to heat lunches and onsite vending machines. Sometimes work crews or small groups go out to eat or host onsite pizza parties.
  • How does transportation work?
    We contract with our partner nonprofit, Newtrax, to provide transportation based on each’s client’s needs. Once a client is enrolled at Merrick, Newtrax works with the client’s home to determine the transportation schedule. Additionally, Merrick helps coordinate rides for approximately 70 clients that use the MTC, Metro Mobility, and TransitLink, to get from home to the program and back. More information on transportation is available here.
  • If I’m interested in becoming a client or have a family member who might be interested in Merrick, what is my next step?
    Complete our online admission application. You may also contact Program Director Kristine Orubo at or by phone at (651) 789-6206 if you have additional questions regarding intake, referrals, or transition.
  • When was Merrick founded?
    We began as Merrick Day Activity Center in 1964 on the East Side of St. Paul with the support of the Christ Child Society offering services out of the Merrick Community Center for 15 young adults with I/DD. Read more about Merrick’s history at
  • How many clients does Merrick serve?
    We currently serve nearly 400 clients and more than 90% have received the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • How many employees work at Merrick?
    We employ approximately 165 people and of those engaged with clients more than 75% have received the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • How do I apply to work at Merrick as a staff member?
  • Where is Merrick located?
    We have two locations: our main program site in Vadnais Heights, and a second site in downtown North St. Paul. For specific driving directions and parking information, visit:
  • Can I schedule a visit?
    Yes! You may schedule your visit using our online form
  • What is NSP?
    Merrick’s North St. Paul (NSP) program provides an engaging, safe environment for adults with disabilties when work is not desired.

    The NSP program’s objective is to improve or maintain physical, emotional, and mental health by:

    • Having meaningful social interactions with non-disabled members of the local community;
    • Contributing through acts of volunteerism; and
    • Participating in the many onsite therapeutic and social activities.