“The Self-advocacy program [at Merrick, Inc.,] has not only sensitized and educated me on a number of issues relating to the unfair stereotyping of individuals with disabilities, but by having this program, Merrick has empowered individuals with disabilities … the Self-advocacy program ensures that it is more difficult to continue to treat individuals with disabilities as the forgotten minority.” – US District Court Judge Donovan Frank


Merrick, Inc., is considered an industry leader in the State of Minnesota, in part, due to our commitment to self-advocacy. In 1997, six self-advocates started the initial Putting People First group hosted at Merrick. Today, there are three self-advocacy groups that meet weekly with 75 active members. Annually, each group elects officers and staff advisors from Merrick provide an auxiliary role. For many years now, self-advocates have made countless presentations to schools, civic organizations, disability groups, conferences, and workshops. Self-advocates believe that self-advocacy is not just an activity or something that happens in a group, if you are speaking up for yourself – you ARE a self-advocate. It is a life-changing experience.

Merrick is well known for providing opportunities for self-advocates to express themselves and learn and encourage their peers to pursue their goals and dreams. Self-advocates at Merrick have focused their efforts in the following four areas:

  • Public Awareness
  • Legislative Efforts
  • Voter Rights
  • Serving on boards, committees, and workgroups

Self-Advocacy Newsletter

Check out Merrick’s Self-Advocacy Newsletter to learn what it means to be a self-advocate at Merrick.

Self-Advocacy Newsletter Spring 2020


To learn more about self-advocacy or the groups who meet at Merrick,  please contact Donnally Moua at for more information.

  • Melissa's Testimony
    “[I learned] to fight for my rights. Stand up for myself and to get new friends.” – Melissa
  • Tom's Testimony

    “You learn about events and brilliance. Also, freedom and how to vote for president. I’m going to be our Self-Advocacy president one day.” – Tom