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Life Enrichment Services

  • client and support staff
  • client with flower pot in greenhouse
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Alternative Services (AS)

Clients who choose Merrick for life enrichment services have access to community inclusion activities; therapeutic experiences including animal assistance, horticulture, and music sessions; arts and crafts; sensory integration; social and recreation; positive behavior support planning; augmented communication including assistive technology and American Sign Language; and enriched staff-to-client ratios. Clients have access to multiple activity settings and individualized strategies and schedules to promote emotional, mental, and physical health.

North St. Paul Program (NSP)


With a desire to embed services within a community, Merrick opened our North St. Paul site in 2012. This unique program provides a variety of health, social, and related support services in a protective and nurturing environment.

Merrick strives to enable clients to pursue personal preferences. We use a self-assessment and discovery process to assist clients with identifying specific activities in the community in which to participate.  Clients enrolled in the program are encouraged to foster their own engagement as “citizens” of North St. Paul through opportunities for commerce, volunteerism, community service, and participation in community activities. NSP facilitates group events, activities, and outings based on suggestions from the clients.

Program Focus

NSP provides the health, social, and nutritional services necessary to slow the loss of function, maintain socialization skills, and encourage meaningful social experiences with non-disabled peers in the general community. We offer on- and off-site social and leisure activities (e.g. animal assistance activities, arts and crafts, horticulture, music, social skills games, shopping, tours); physical therapy, and self-advocacy experiences. We promote Person-Centered Planning and choices made by the clients. The program strives to be an integral part of the North St. Paul community where clients have meaningful social interactions with members of the community, contribute through acts of volunteerism; and in turn, enjoy opportunities for members of the community to share their time and talents as program volunteers.

Admission Inquiries

Please visit our admission inquiries page and complete our online admission application form if you are interested in receiving life enrichment services from Merrick.

For inquiries specific to our North St. Paul program, you may contact Ermelinda Zamora at (651) 788-9107 or

  • client in greenhouse
  • clients hanging out together
  • Executive Director John Wayne Barker and clients wearing purple
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