Transportation Services

Client exits Newtrax vehicle
Client on Newtrax vehicle with driver

Since 2011, we have partnered with Newtrax, Inc., to provide safe, dependable, clean, and courteous transportation for clients at Merrick. Newtrax’s trained drivers provide door-to-door service between client homes and our program sites. All drivers undergo a background check, motor vehicle registration screening, drug and alcohol testing, and  ongoing training. Driver training includes defensive driving by a certified driving instructor, abuse prevention, and certification in CPR and first aid. Additionally, drivers are linked to a dispatcher via a “hands free” GPS link for constant communication and emergency response. A small number of clients use the metro bus or a public carrier to get to and from home and work. For these individuals, Merrick’s transportation coordinator handles the scheduling and payment of external transportation services.

To contact Merrick’s Transportation Coordinator Kerri Morrison, call (651) 789-6210. If you would like more information about transportation services, please contact Newtrax, Inc., at (651) 789-6221.