Please note that Merrick, Inc. will be closed on Thursday, November 28, and Friday, November 29,
in observance of Thanksgiving. Regular hours will resume on Monday, December 2.

Mission, Vision & Values

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Our mission is to empower adults with disabilities through vocational and social opportunities, and to guide them toward realizing their goals and dreams.


Self-Determination – responsible for one’s choices and actions, Economic Fairness – balanced action between parties, and
Civic Responsibility – action that contributes to the common good.


As a company, we are aware of and value differences.


Our vision is to be the agency of choice for every client and business partner we serve, leading the way in supporting each client in their quest to live the life they choose.


We will show our commitment to this mission by demonstrating the following attributes in our work activities:

M      Motivated      Accomplishing meaningful goals – We use public assets to focus on goals unique to each individual served and actions that help make our community a better place for all of its citizens.
E      Ethical      Using honest behavior that conforms to professional standards of conduct – We are reliable and operate in a trustworthy and accountable manner.
R      Respectful      Demonstrating compassionate and fair treatment of others – We provide a work setting that respects diversity, is equitable in its practices, and functions in a concerned manner.
R      Responsive      Providing timely and complete responses to concerns and questions – We respond to clients, partners, and communities; and are resilient by demonstrating staying power in both good and bad times.
I      Inclusive      Seeking the input of those we serve – We mobilize and empower citizens with disabilities to contribute to the public discourse and engage in civic actions for the public good.
C      Creative      Developing new ideas while using best practices to deliver current supports – We offer community-based disability services that compliment government objectives at a competitive market rate.
K      Knowledgeable      Maintaining competence through continuous learning – We ensure employees meet minimum training requirements, encourage intellectual growth, and value innovative approaches.


High expectations, high quality supports – no excuses.


Recognized as a center of excellence, reforming the system at the point of service delivery.