Services for Individuals

We believe that all people are on an individual journey to lead a life they desire. For clients at Merrick, Inc., our approach is based in a foundation of person-centered planning and self-advocacy to understand the individual’s path suggested by their unique passions, values, gifts, interests, skills, and preferences that lead toward a life of opportunity, well being, independence, and contribution.

Starting with the tour, the focus is on the prospective client to determine his/her passions, values, gifts, interests, skills, and preferences. Forty-five days after enrollment, staff and the new client complete a Person-Centered Planning Assessment to clarify and confirm outcomes to increase their opportunities for community inclusion and participation, social relationships, skill building, and/or person futures. This assessment becomes the cornerstone of the self-discovery process ensuring that, after listening to the desires and needs of the client, outcomes are developed to measure progress toward their desired results.