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2024 Policies & Procedure Updates

Published January 9, 2024

This is a formal notification of Merrick’s policy and procedure updates that impact service delivery.

  1. The following language was added to the Admission Policy
    • The Company may deny admission based on a person’s criminal history that poses an imminent risk of harm to self or others.
    • The Company may offer a trial enrollment for a specified period when the following occurs.
      • The Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) cannot identify the person’s specific support needs due to a new environment and needs the assessment period to identify those needs.
      • The person’s support needs are not consistent with the company’s assessment upon enrollment and needs the assessment period to come to agreement on those support needs.
    • The Program Director(s) or designee will approve all admissions, trial admissions, or denials and document in writing.
  2. The EUMR (Emergency Use of Manual Restraint Policy) was updated as follows:
    • An EUMR may be reported verbally or in writing to an Assistant Program Director, Program Director, or designee. The previous policy only allowed for a written report to an Assistant Program Director or Program Director.
    • A completed BIRF (Behavior Intervention Reporting Form) will be sent to each member of the expanded support team upon their request rather than within 24 hours.
  3. The Program Abuse Prevention Plans have updated demographics.
  4. The Client Rights added language on #12 which now states:
    • Be free from maltreatment including abuse, financial or other exploitation, retaliation, humiliation or neglect by the Company or its employees.
  5. The Safe Medication Administration Policy was updated due to the company’s transition of nurse consulting to Health Counseling Services.
  6. A Maltreatment of Minors Policy was added.

The policies referenced above can be viewed in full below. We will mail a hardcopy to you upon request.

Admission Policy
Emergency Use of Manual Restraints Policy
Program Abuse Prevention Plan – 3210 Labore Rd
Program Abuse Prevention Plan – 1239 Willow Lake Blvd
Client Rights
Safe Medication Administration Policy
Maltreatment of Minors Policy