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2024 A4R Impact Report

Deloris at 2022 PartyPublished June 19, 2024

The 2023-24 Ambassadors for Respect (A4R) season has concluded and the final numbers are in.

Our 2024 A4R team consisted of 5 self-advocates: Leanne, Christine, Doris, Cindy, and Sam. From February through April, they visited 9 fourth-grade classrooms at three elementary schools reaching a total of 219 students.

Based on the survey completed by participants following the presentation, the following outcomes were achieved:

  • 99% of fourth graders could list three ways to include others;
  • 96% indicated that they had learned how to use person-first language;
  • 99% could list three ways to advocate for themselves and others.

The complete report may be downloaded below.

2023-24 Merrick A4R Impact Report

We are so proud of these five self-advocates for stepping out of their comfort zone and seeking to make the world a better place by telling their story to the younger generation.

Ambassadors for Respect is a program of PeaceMaker Minnesota and represents one example of how Merrick practices its core belief of civic responsibility.