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Employment for Adults with Disabilities

We offer support in the next BIG step for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to Explore, Develop and Maintain desired employment in the general workforce. This person-centered approach focuses on each individual’s skill set and preferences. Equally as important as securing the right job is maintaining the right job. To support this success, we provide soft skills training, on the job training, and ongoing follow up support for the duration of the individual’s employment at a business partner’s location

Merrick provides Employment Exploration, Development, and Support services to clients in our programs or new enrollees who have indicated the desire to pursue employment in the general workforce. The combination of these services prepare clients with the right supports.

Our program team complete assessments, offer and provide skills training (and re-training when requested by the individual or business partner) and support each client in the step-by-step process of identifying, securing, and maintaining employment.

clients hanging out at Merrick waiting for their ride to work

Employment Exploration Services

Employment Exploration Services or EES is the first step in preparing clients for employment in the general workforce. Our EES team will meet with the client and their team to discuss individualized training needs, the steps to career development, and learning opportunities. These activities will draw out the client’s interests and preferences which will inform their decision-making about employment in the general workforce.

Clients will have the opportunity to visit various businesses in the Twin Cities area. These exploratory visits may include observation, job shadowing, and job trials. By participating in these exploratory visits, the client will gain an understanding of the types of jobs that are available, the tasks and environments that are best suited for his or her skills and interests, along with the level of support that will be needed to maintain employment.

Employment Development Services

During the training and development phase, the client participates in training sessions provided by our team. Tools used in the class include video-based instruction, role playing, or individual coaching. Topics include interpersonal communication, active listening, proper hygiene, being a team player, appropriate attitude, social boundaries, and customer service, etc.

During the “job search” phase, the Job Placement Counselor uses the information and insights learned from the previous phases to provide guidance in the job search. Included in this process is assistance with writing resumes and cover letters, completion of applications, interview preparation, and transportation to interviews. EDS also includes support during the client’s orientation.

Employment Support Services

Our Employment Specialist provides ongoing support that helps clients maintain paid employment in the general workforce. These positions are held at our business partners’ locations and we can provide on-the-job training, job re-design, job coaching, and transportation.

Next Steps

If you are interested in receiving employment services at Merrick, please apply online or request a tour today.