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2022 Empower! Lunch Video – Expanding Our Services

Published May 12, 2023

Coming out of COVID, Merrick’s waitlist had expanded from 20 to 125 individuals. To meeting the growing needs of the adults with disabilities living in our community, Merrick signed the lease to a new building in September 2022 and is excited to explore this new opportunity.

2021 Empower! Lunch Video – The Importance of DSPs

Published December 20, 2021

Direct Support Professionals or DSPs provide the day-to-day support for the adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities served by Merrick, Inc. They’re coaches, advocates, and supervisors all at once. This is their story.

Newtrax Wins 2020 VHEDC Community Partnership Award

Published November 5, 2020

We’re so proud of our non-profit partner Newtrax on receiving the 2020 Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation Community Partnership Award. Way to go, Mike Greenbaum, Scott Olson, and the rest of the Newtrax team!

Check out the article “A Different Sort of Meals on Wheels” written by the White Bear Press to learn more about the amazing things happening at NewTrax.

2019 VHEDC Award Video – Merrick, Inc.

Published November 11, 2019

Merrick, Inc. was honored to be the recipient of the 2019 VHEDC Community Partnership Award, and looks forward to continuing to grow its partnerships across the Northeastern Twin Cities.

Self-Advocacy Video

Published November 8, 2019

Merrick, Inc. is licensed in the state of Minnesota to provide day programs and work options for 375 adults with disabilities. We choose to do more.