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2021 Summer Social Picture Gallery

August 11, 2021

Donor Wall
Melissa and staff
John and baby
BOT President Crystal
John and Jim
Dollie and Travis
Tricia and Dorie
Old Friends
Andy, Emerson, and Laura
Terry and Stephanie
Alex and family
Corby and Ginny
Brian and family
Jim and Kristina
Sarah and David

2021 Charity Golf Scramble Picture Gallery

June 1, 2021

01A   Lake Area Bank 1
01A   Lake Area Bank 1 w/clients
01B   Lake Area Bank 2
01B   Lake Area Bank 2 w/clients
02A   Steen
02A   Steen w/clients
02B   Greenbaum
02B   Greenbaum w/clients
03A   Weber/Jacobson
03A   Weber/Jacobson w/clients
03B   Murphy 1
03B   Murphy 1 w/clients
04A   Murphy 2
04A   Murphy 2 w/clients
04B   Murphy/Northview Dental w/clients
05A   Warners' Stellian
05A   Warners' Stellian w/clients
05B   TCM
05B   TCM w/clients
06A   Gangl
06A   Gangl w/clients
06B   Clapper/Hallgren
06B   Clapper/Hallgren w/clients
07A   Hough/Marzitelli
07A   Hough/Marzitelli w/clients
07B   Versatile Vehicles
07B   Versatile Vehicles w/clients
08A   Austad
08A   Austad w/clients
08B   Total Mechanical
08B   Total Mechanical w/clients
09A   Maguire
09A   Maguire w/clients
09B   SevenHills Cleveland
09B   SevenHills Cleveland w/clients
10A   Sanfilippo
10A Sanfilippo w/clients
10B   Attorneys Title Group
10B   Attorneys Title Group w/clients
11B   Koch NationaLease
11B   Koch NationaLease w/clients
12A   Brausen
12A   Brausen w/clients
12B   Mahre
12B   Mahre w/clients
13A   Interstate
13A   Interstate w/clients
13B   Blue Sky Vitamin
13B   Blue Sky Vitamin w/clients
14A   Hauck
14A   Hauck 2
14A   Hauck w/clients
14B   Trenary
14B   Trenary w/clients
15A   Redpath
15A   Redpath w/clients
15B   Lindermeyr Monroe
15B   Lindermeyr Monroe w/clients
16A   Cashe Software
16A   Cashe Software w/clients
16B Triple Crown Gaming
16B Triple Crown Gaming w/clients
17A   HSCL
17A   HSCL w/clients
17B   Ferlic Filter
17B   Ferlic Filter w/clients
18A   Toshiba
18A   Toshiba w/clients
18B   Demaray/Kneisl
18B   Demaray/Kneisl w/clients
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