ADS New Years Eve Party Picture Gallery

December 31, 2019

IMG 0818 Min
IMG 0813 Min
IMG 0807 Min
IMG 0803 Min
IMG 0802 Min
IMG 0800 Min
IMG 0791 Min
IMG 0790 Min
IMG 0789 Min
IMG 0787 Min
IMG 0786 Min
IMG 0784 Min
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ADS Fall Open House Picture Gallery

November 13, 2019

Alyssa, Lisa G, Taylor
Dale B, Fardosa, Jason D
Group Singing
Jane P, Christina D, Lisa G
Hand John E
Julie Dawn P
Kevin O, Lynette W, John S
Peter H And Family (2
Matt, Lynette W
Hand Jason
Cathy E, Fardosa
Christina B, JWB
Client And Family
James D, Taylor, Peter H
Jason D, Kim J (2)
Katrina H And Family
Mary H
Sam D, Alyssa
Sherry R, Dorthy

2019 Empower! Lunch Picture Gallery

October 29, 2019

Table Settings
Vadnais Heights Common
Liz Tauer
Greeting Friends
Greeting Friends (1)
Greeting Friends (2)
Greeting Friends (3)
Karen Herrera At Podium
Robyne Robinson
John Wayne Barker
Warners' Stellian Table
Stephanie Mann Table
Maguire Agency Table
Kowalskis Table
Joseph Murphy Table
HB Fuller Table
Client Table
Cashe Table

Anniversary Celebration & Donor Recognition Event Picture Gallery

September 18, 2019

First Independent Client At Merrick
Maria's Testimony
Joe And Sarah
Lake Area Bank
JWB Mingles
Kowalski's Catering
Patiently Waiting
Karen Herrera
John Wayne Barker (JWB)
JWB And Maria