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2022 Empower! Lunch Picture Gallery

Posted November 2, 2022

Photo Credit: Steve Kjelland Photography

Event Program
Table Setting
About Merrick Display
John Barker & Jack Stahlmann
Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad
John Wayne & Mary Barker
Welcome Table
Fran & Greg Knothe
Karen DeYoung & Guests
Maguire Agency
Matt Clysdale & Jim Rathburn
Greeting Guests
Warners' Stellian
Techie Dudes' Table
Kowalski's Markets' Table
Bob & Mary Ann DeYoung's Table
Jack Stahlmann & Matt Clysdale
Stephanie Mann's Table
Lenny & Dede Gavic's Table
Karen DeYoung's Table
Mary Barker's Table
John Wayne Barker's Table
Jamey Austad's Table
Karen Herrera's Table
Karen Herrera
Matt Clysdale of Maguire Agency
John Wayne Barker
Stephanie Mann
Twin Cities Sound