Merrick, Inc., will be closed on Thursday, November 24, and Friday, November 25, in recognition of Thanksgiving. Normal hours will resume on Monday, November 28.

2022 Empower! Lunch Picture Gallery

Posted November 2, 2022

Photo Credit: Steve Kjelland Photography

Event Program
Table Setting
About Merrick Display
John Barker & Jack Stahlmann
Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad
John Wayne & Mary Barker
Welcome Table
Fran & Greg Knothe
Karen DeYoung & Guests
Maguire Agency
Matt Clysdale & Jim Rathburn
Greeting Guests
Warners' Stellian
Techie Dudes' Table
Kowalski's Markets' Table
Bob & Mary Ann DeYoung's Table
Jack Stahlmann & Matt Clysdale
Stephanie Mann's Table
Lenny & Dede Gavic's Table
Karen DeYoung's Table
Mary Barker's Table
John Wayne Barker's Table
Jamey Austad's Table
Karen Herrera's Table
Karen Herrera
Matt Clysdale of Maguire Agency
John Wayne Barker
Stephanie Mann
Twin Cities Sound

2022 Charity Golf Scramble Picture Gallery

Posted June 9, 2022

Photo Credit: Steve Kjelland Photography

01A   Royal Credit Union 1
01A   Royal Credit Union 1 w/clients
01B   Royal Credit Union 2
01B   Royal Credit Union 2 w/clients
02A   Lake Area Bank
02A   Lake Area Bank w/clients
02B   Steen
02B   Steen w/clients
03AB   Warners' Stellian
03AB   Warners' Stellian w/clients
04A   Cashe Software
04A   Cashe Software w/clients
04B   North American Banking Co
04B   North American Banking Co w/clients
05A   SevenHills Cleveland
05A   SevenHills Cleveland w/clients
05B   Total Mechanical Srvcs
05B   Total Mechanical Srvcs w/clients
06A   Maguire Agency
06A   Maguire Agency w/clients
06B   Austad
06B   Austad w/clients
07A   Murphy 1
07A   Murphy 1 w/clients
07B   Murphy 2
07B   Murphy 2 w/clients
08A   Wallace & Versatile Vehicles
08A   Wallace & Versatile Vehicles w/clients
08B   Hough & Marzitelli
08B   Hough & Marzitelli w/clients
09A   Koch NationaLease
09A   Koch NationaLease w/clients
09B   Interstate
09B   Interstate w/clients
10A   Northview Dental
10A   Northview Dental w/clients
10B   Mahre
10B   Mahre w/clients
11A   Greenbaum
11A   Greenbaum w/clients
11B   Sanfilippo
11B   Sanfilippo w/clients
12A   Frandsen Bank & Trust
12B   Brausen Repair
13A   Ferlic Filter
13A   Ferlic Filter w/clients
13B   HSCL
13B   HSCL w/clients
14A   Lindenmeyr Munroe
14A   Lindenmeyr Munroe w/clients
14B   Redpath & Co
14B   Redpath & Co w/clients
15A   Hallgren Clapper
15A   Hallgren Clapper w/clients
15B   Blue Sky Vitamin
15B   Blue Sky Vitamin w/clients
16A   Attorneys Title
16A   Attorneys Title w/clients
16B   Loffler w/clients
16B   Loffler w/clients
17A   Triple Crown Gaming
17A   Triple Crown Gaming w/clients
17B   Twin Cities Metro CDC
17B   Twin Cities Metro CDC w/clients
18A   Hauck
18A   Hauck w/clients
18B   Traudt
18B   Traudt
Turn   Trenary
Turn   Trenary w/clients
Bob & Jim